Energy Management

According to the statistics of electricity consumption from 2018 to 2020, due to office relocation, factory trial operations, and other reasons, the electricity costs in 2020 were higher. A more detailed explanation follows below:


  1. The staff had moved into the Xinyi Office since April 2018, which is the reason why electricity costs were lower in 2018.
  2. Because the Nangang Laboratory took up more space, the 2019 electricity costs shared by the building increased YoY. In 2020, power consumption increased because of the rapid development of experimental equipment and personnel.
  3. The Nanchou Plant acquired a factory registration certificate in August 2018, began equipment testing and trial runs in July 2019, and mass production in 2020, which is why electricity costs increased in 2020. In order to implement the energy-saving policy, Oneness Biotech prioritized the procurement of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment during the construction phase.






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