Water Resources and Wastewater Management

According to the statistics of water consumption from 2018 to 2020, the water consumption in 2020 is relatively high, as described below:


  1. The Xinyi Office has been stationed since April 2018, which is the reason why electricity costs were lower in 2018.
  2. The building management unit of Nangang Laboratory did not provide statistics on the water bill, which is why relevant statistics were not available.
  3. The Nanchou Plant was newly built in 2018 and launched equipment testing and trial run starting from 2019, resulting in increased water consumption in 2019. Due to mass production commencing in 2020, water consumption has further increased.



In terms of wastewater treatment, there are no production processes taking place in the Xinyi Office and Nangang Laboratory. As for the Nanchou Plant, chemical sedimentation and wastewater treatment facility have been adopted for wastewater treatment. Other wastewater is directly discharged to the sewers according to laws and regulations, and there is no significant impact on the ecological environment. The work of protecting river water sources and land ecology must be done properly. The Nanchou Plant uses the Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) and Aerobic Biological Systems (BioNET) in the water treatment process, which was developed and designed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to reduce the use of chemicals and sludge disposal and other environmental issues and meet low pollution and energy saving requirements; at the same time, a new type of once-through boiler was adopted, which has an energy-saving efficiency of up to 96% and can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions; the plant also distills, recycles and reuses the solvents in the process, in line with the sustainable trend of a circular economy and responsible production, and taking into account both waste reduction and cost reduction.

Sewage control is an important part of Oneness Biotech to promote environmental protection. The Nanchou Plant obtained a water pollution control permit in October 2020. It upholds “strict pollution control, superior to statutory standards, implements environmental protection philosophy, and fulfills social responsibilities.” Under a friendly environmental philosophy, the Nanchou Plant adopts “autonomy” and “high standard” management methods for the water quality of the effluent:


  • Abide by environmental laws and regulations. According to the “Water Pollution Control Measures and Test Reporting Management Regulations” of the competent authority, the Environmental Protection Administration, an impartial third-party unit is commissioned to conduct an effluent function test every six months. The data obtained meets the Effluent Standards and is publicly disclosed.



  • In order to make the surrounding neighborhoods and all stakeholders feel more at ease about the effluent from the plant, the Nanchou Plant has undertaken a rigorous attitude by independently increasing the frequency of effluent monitoring that exceeds legal requirements and setting up effluent monitoring points for visual monitoring of the effluent quality “twice daily,” and sampling, testing and analysis of the effluent quality “once daily.” The results are in compliance with the Effluent Standards. The manufacturer will publicly disclose the data on the company’s website ( to allow all stakeholders to know the effectiveness and data of the effluent quality monitoring of the Nanchou Plant at any time.


▲ The Nanchou Plant implements daily self-testing of the COD (chemical oxygen demand) of effluent. From January to August 2021, the water quality test values were lower than the upper limit of the COD test value (99mg/L) in the regulation, and were in line with environmental laws and regulations as well as fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.


2022 Self-Testing of Effluent Quality

Mnoth Data of Testing Result
January meets standards
February meets standards
March meets standards
April meets standards







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