Waste Management

We continue to see that the linear economy of “take-make-dispose” has led to an overuse of resources in an unsustainable way and produces large quantities of waste. A lack of adequate waste management can cause enormous costs to corporates and government, and significant environmental impact. 

Oneness is committed to build a sustainable environment for generations ahead. We support the concept of the Circular Economy and integrate reducing and recycling approach in our processes to increase the efficiency of resource utilization . 

Oneness has established an exclusive EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) team. This important team not only monitors and measures environmental indicators to comply with regulations, but also implements projects to improve environmental performance and lead us towards the goal of "Zero pollution."

Currently, all waste materials are processed in Taiwan, and there are no cross-border processing problems and waste leakage problems. The company has already begun planning to regularly inspect waste treatment suppliers to ensure that they do not violate the law and cause environmental pollution. For land ecology, the company makes specific contributions for clean water sources and the environmental protection of oceans and rivers.


Waste statistics from 2018 to 2019 are as follows:


  1. Since the general wastes generated from Xinyi Office and Nangang Laboratory are disposed by the administration office in the building, there are no relevant statistics available. The Nanchou Plant has no infectious waste mixtures.
  2. Nanchou Plant was newly built in 2018 and started equipment testing and trial runs in 2019, resulting in an increased general waste and inflammable industrial waste that year.



Since September 2020, waste solvent treatment was changed from incineration to physical recycling, which greatly reduce environmental pollution and carbon emissions in addition to increasing reuse benefits. It is estimated that for each batch of production, 6.5 tons of waste solvents can be recycled. Recycling instead of incineration can reduce carbon emissions by 2.5Kg/1L of solvent, and each batch can reduce carbon emissions by 16.25 tons.






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