Talent Attraction, Retention and Cultivation

Oneness Biotech is an international innovative drug company. In order to continue to innovate and develop new drugs, it must heavily rely on human capital and recruit talents in R&D, production, marketing and sales. The company recruits outstanding talents that meet the needs of the company through multiple channels such as the Raise Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the LIFT Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 104 Job Bank, LinkedIn, internal employee recommendations and talent hunting consultants. At the same time, we will closely communicate and cooperate with academic research units and teaching hospitals to ensure the innovation and marketability of drug development. In 2020, we will start to build a “talent pool” to integrate human resources within the organization across departments through the E-system, give full play to the synergy of talents, promote the company’s sustainable development, and help Taiwan’s biotech industry to leap forward.


The human resource management of Oneness Biotech follows the three main frameworks of “recruitment, cultivation, and retention.” To retain talents, the company uses industry characteristics, market conditions, and future development as a reference for formulating the remuneration system, and in accordance with the company’s operational goals and performance evaluation results of departments and employees, etc., the company provides appropriate rewards to employees who have contributed; in addition, employee stock options and other incentive plans are used to encourage colleagues to work with the company to create good performance and long-term value. The company’s remuneration policy is based on the job responsibilities of colleagues, and there is no difference in salaries due to gender. The difference in the proportion of male and female remuneration in 2020 was less than 10%; and the company is willing to share operating results and profits with employees. In 2020, the average and median salary of full-time employees in non-supervisory positions have both increased significantly.

Employee Benefits

The total benefit expenditure in 2020 was NT$2.57 million, and there were 1,106 applicants for various types of benefits. In addition to the various benefits provided by laws and regulations, the following categories illustrate the current status of employee benefits:


  • Cash Benefits

Provide year-end bonus, performance bonus, project bonus, Dragon Boat Festival cash gift, Mid-Autumn Festival cash gift, birthday and birthday party cash gift, weddings and funerals, various cash subsidies, and children’s education subsidy (0-18 years old, subsidy NT$2,000 per month).


  • Employee Stock Option Plan

Oneness Biotech provides employee stock option certificate plans, and currently 10 employee stock option certificate plans have been issued. Based on the total number of employees at the time of the most recent issuance, 74% of the 104 employees have obtained at least one employee stock option certificate.


  • Flexible Working Hours

Provide some colleagues with flexible working hours, and provide leave benefits superior to the Labor Standards Act.


  • Networking Events

Department meals, weekly club activities (basketball club, aerobic dance club, etc.), annual employee travel, Christmas and year-end activities, set up a comfortable rest area for employees, so that employees have a dedicated space to take a break from the tight pace of work and promote communication and exchanges between teams.


  • Overall Staff Care

Setting up breastfeeding rooms, providing stress relief massage services (1,040 people in 2020), regular employee health checks, employee restaurants providing free organic healthy meals, parking spaces or parking subsidies, monthly employee purchase discounts and dedicated spaces providing free organic coffee and milk, snacks and health foods.


  • Learning Improvement

Regularly purchase new books and magazines of various themes for employees to borrow, and provide an external training fee subsidy of NT$10,000 per person every year. 31 people utilized it in 2020 to continue to improve themselves and implement lifelong learning.


  • Parental Leave Without Pay

When a colleague needs to take maternity or paternity leave, he/she can apply for parental leave without pay, and apply for reinstatement after the expiration of the period, in order to take care of work and family. In 2020, the rate of reinstatement after parental leave was 100%.


  • Insurance

In addition to labor insurance and health insurance, employee group insurance and employee travel insurance are provided to improve the job security of employees.


  • Retirement Policy

In terms of retirement protection, Labor Retirement Measures are formulated in accordance with the law, and a Supervisory Committee of Labor Retirement Reserve has been established. The old system regularly allocated retirement reserves at a rate of 2% of the total salary expenses each month and deposited them in a special bank account in Bank of Taiwan to protect labor rights. The new system allocates 6% of the total salaries of employees to the employee’s individual retirement pension account.

Talent Development and Cultivation

Oneness Biotech actively invests resources in talent cultivation and builds a “learning organization” to enhance professional and ESG general education functions. In order to enable new colleagues to quickly understand the company culture and integrate into the team, Oneness Biotech has introduced a mentor program through the cooperation between the mentor and the unit supervisor, which assists new colleagues by a diverse approach. The following are the results of our employee career development plans and learning activities:


Organize ESG internalization activities

  • Promote the integrity management

Enhance the concept of integrity management of colleagues, add and plan education and training content related to integrity management policies, and encourage all colleagues to participate:

(a) Conduct education and training on Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles when new employees report for onboarding, and implement integrity management policies when new employees undergo job training.

(b) Hold annual education and training on integrity management policies. In 2020, the department focused on preventing insider trading as the theme of education and training. All supervisors were participated, with a total of 174 training hours. In the course, case studies are used to strengthen the concept of integrity management in order to manage and prevent the occurrence of dishonest behaviors.


  • Promote the concept of corporate social responsibility

In 2020, consultants were invited to provide relevant guidance, so that the supervisors and seed personnel of various units had a higher level of improvement in the concept and practice of corporate social responsibility.


Reorganization Meetings & Succession Plan

At the corporate governance level, in order to more effectively improve the internal communication and administrative procedures of various departments, and to cultivate more middle and high-level executives, the company underwent reorganization in 2020, and external experts were be invited to the meetings to engage in discussions with each department head. Suggestions were provided for the efficiency improvement of each department, with a total of 20 meetings held in 2020.


Oneness attaches great importance to sustainable operation, so it continues to focus on management succession plan. In addition to focusing on candidates who have operational management capabilities, professional capabilities and excellent work performance in the past, values and core functions must be consistent with the company. “Innovation” and “Successful Experience Replication” are relatively important in succession plan. The specific methods and implementation are as follows:


  • Strategic management meetings for senior executives: Top executives regularly communicate with senior executives of various functions on strategy formulation and execution results to ensure that the company’s goals are achieved.
  • Special projects: Through cross-function teamwork , created many successful cases, such as the largest new drug licensing and the largest GDR listing in Taiwan’s biotechnology industry in 2020.
  • Diversified updates, such as weekly R&D meetings chaired by top executives, where the principal investigators share the world’s latest knowledge, technology or business insight for which they are responsible.
  • Cultivate operational and decision-making capability, such as the reorganization meeting where the top executives and consultants can observe the abilities of each candidate.
  • External consultation meetings, such as the cooperation projects with many hospitals, where enhance R&D supervisors’ clinical experience and CSR knowledge ,.
  • Every year, an inventory of candidates for supervisor and deputy will be counted regularly to maintain a sufficient talent pool for succession planning.


PIC/s GMP series courses

In order to promote PIC/s GMP internally, external consultants were invited to conduct related program education and training three times in 2020, with 1,344 hours of related education and training completed in 2020.


The actual results of relevant education and training in 2020 are as follows:

Performance Evaluation System





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