Stakeholders Engagement

We have carried out stakeholder engagement in an open and transparent manner based on GRI Standards: 2016 published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and during the engagement, we disclosed the key stakeholders, the communication channels, and the issues of concern, and identified material topics.


To confirm the categories of key stakeholders, Oneness Biotech held internal meetings to discuss how stakeholders in each category are close to, are dependent on, affect and are affected by, and are important to the Company, and 8 categories of key stakeholders were eventually identified, namely government agencies, investors, customers, employees, suppliers, communities, news media, and medical care personnel. Through routine communication channels, each department has had the opportunity to understand stakeholders’ reasonable requirements and expectations of the Company.


Issues of Stakeholders Concern


Oneness Biotech conducted a questionnaire survey to identify material topics. A material topic matrix was created whose with which two axes are “influence on stakeholders’ decision-making” and “influence on corporate ESG operations” respectively. To assess the “influence on stakeholders’ decision-making”, the responsible departments of Oneness Biotech derived justifies stakeholders’ level of concern for the issues from such factors based on the past interactions, including frequency, communication details, with stakeholders as the frequency and communication details of their past interactions with stakeholders. To assess the “influence on corporate ESG operations”, the executives/senior managers of Oneness Biotech scored the economical, environmental, and social impacts of the sustainability issues on the Company based on professional knowledge in their respective fields.


In 2020, Oneness Biotech identified five material topics and drew up related strategies and management guidelines. The five material topics are “operating performance”, “Legal compliance”, “drug safety”, “intellectual property rights protection”, and “Cyber Security ”. In view of the continuity of corporate strategies and resource input, as well as GRI’s specifications regarding the revision of material topics, Oneness Biotech planned to re-conduct the material topic identification process for next year’s report. This year, only two material topics were added in response to external market dynamics: “climate actions” and “human resource development”.

  • Climate Actions: the United Nations climate change conference (COP 26) held in 2021, and adopted the Glasgow Climate Pact with the goal of limiting global warming less than 1.5ºC and phase-down unabated coal power and inefficient subsidies for fossil fuels. Both the stakeholders and Oneness Biotech consider it necessary for Oneness Biotech to take actions in response to climate change.
  • Human Resource Development: The research report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2020 declares that corporate performance will be evaluated according to not only the shareholder return, but also its ESG performance. Talent is critical for advancing ESG strategy. Oneness Biotech relies on talent in research and development, in production, in marketing, and in sales to retain the energy of innovation and of new drug development, and to thereby drive to sustainable development.



The Boundaries of Oneness Biotech’s Material Topics

Stakeholder Contact Information

Stakeholders Contact Window  
Investor Spokesperson: Miss Chih-Hui Cheng
Acting Spokesperson: Miss Hsiao Wen-Tzu
TEL : 02-2655-8860
Investor Contact 
Audit Committee Contact
Customer Sales / Mr. Lai Customer Contact
Employee HR / Miss Lai  HR Contact
Supplier Procurement / Miss Chen Supplier Contact
Community GM Office / Miss Hsu Contact Us
Press GM Office / Miss Hsu Contact Us

Ethics Address:11F., NO.236, SEC.4, XINYI RD., DA-AN DIST., TAIPEI CITY., TW



※The above content is taken from the ESG Report




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