ESG Committee

To promote sustainable development of Oneness Biotech, the Board of Directors has passed the “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles” and established a Corporate Sustainable Development Committee, of which the General Manager is the chairperson, and which has four functional groups, namely the “corporate governance” group, the “environmental safety” group, the “social engagement” group, and the “drug safety” group. The functional groups carry out work related to corporate sustainability and have engagement with their respective stakeholders through routine communication channels in order to understand their requirements and expectations of the Company. When the committee convenes, the functional groups discuss the stakeholders’ requirements and expectations in the meeting and arrive at a consensus by considering the inputs from different departments so as to respond to the stakeholders properly.


To ensure that the spirit of sustainable management is effectively implemented, the Corporate Sustainable Development Committee convenes meetings on a regular basis. In each meeting, all functional groups report their annual target and how their work has been carried out, so that the percentage of annual target achievement can be determined through a rolling review. The annual performances are then reported to the Board of Directors, who oversee the execution of sustainable development, and are disclosed on the Company website and in the Annual Report. 


Sustainability Strategies


  • Strengthen the Board's structure, implementing the diversity policy, fulfilling obligations with the care of a good administrator, supervising the enterprise to practice corporate social responsibility, and reviewing the effectiveness and improvement promptly to ensure the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility.
  • Follow the Company’s Integrity principles, from the highest management to employees, to set high standards covering business management to everyday operations, in order to prevent corruption, bribery, and incidents that may compromise customer privacy.
  • Implement intellectual property management, enhancing the intellectual property management system to protect trade secrets and prevent divulge technologies for an continual increase of intellectual property and R&D capability with a leading edge.
  • Respect stakeholders' right, identifying the key stakeholders, and establishing shareholder pages on the company website to understand the reasonable expectation and requests via routine communication and appropriately respond to their issues of concern.



  • Comply with Environment-related laws, regulations, and international standards to protect the natural environment and achieve environmental sustainability.
  • Transit toward circular economy to increase the efficiency in use of resources, to use environmental-friendly materials, to reduce waste by reuse and recycling and to lower negative impacts on the ecological environment.
  • Proper use of water resources to increase water recycling efficiency and proper handling of treat wastewater with high standards to ensure local water quality and to maintain biodiversity.
  • Assess the transition and physical risks of climate change, to plan mitigation and adoption strategies, to conduct greenhouse gas inventory with carbon reduction goals to transfer to low-carbon operations.



  • Comply with labor laws to provide employees with relevant information to ensure their full understanding of their rights granted by laws.
  • Follow International Bill of Human Rights, such as maintaining gender equality, equal employment opportunity, freedom of association, collective bargaining, child labor elimination, non-discrimination, and forced labor prevention to treat all employees without discrimination due to their gender, race, age, education, and family background for an equal chance of salary and benefits, education and training, and evaluation and promotion.
  • Establish regular communication channels for employees to ensure their rights to obtain information and express opinions on the company's business management activities and decision-making. For situations that endanger labor rights, an effective and appropriate mechanism should be provided to ensure the equality and transparency of the complaint process. The complaint channel shall be concise, convenient, and unobstructed, and the complaint of employees shall be appropriately responded to.
  • Provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment, including necessary health and first aid facilities with a committment to the reduction of potential hazards to employees so that occupational disasters can be prevented. Regularly provide safety and health education and training for employees.
  • Ensure the recruitment, retention, and encouragement of human resources and achieve the goal of sustainable business operation, set and take reasonable employee welfare measures that reflect business performance or results in employee remuneration.
  • Assess the impact of purchasing behavior on the environment and society of the supply source community and cooperate with the suppliers to fulfill corporate social responsibility.
  • Participate in public welfare activities through multiple channels.



  • Information disclosure should be conducted in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies. Relevant and reliable corporate social responsibility-related information should also be fully disclosed to enhance information transparency.
  • The corporate social responsibility report should be prepared in accordance with internationally recognized standards or guidelines to disclose the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility. It is advisable to obtain a third-party assurance or guarantee to enhance the reliability of the information.


※The above content is taken from the ESG Report




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