Reliable Employer

Reliable Employer

Oneness Biotech commits to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): “SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being,” “SDG5: Gender Equality,” “SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth,” by providing employees with a happy and safe working environment, actively promoting diversification and equal employment opportunities, implementing gender equality policies, and creating a friendly atmosphere of mutual respect between employees and employers. 


As of the end of 2021, all of our 160 employees are full-time1 workers and are fully protected under Labor Standards Act. There is no temporary, part-time, or contracted worker. We devote to partner with our employees to build the Company as a sustainable corporation.


In terms of the structure of our workforce, the average year of service of our employees is 3.8 years, and the average age is 39.2 years old. 92.5% of our employees are under50, and 78.3% of them are managers between 30 to 50. Regarding the education background, 53.2% of the employees have master or Ph.D degrees. In general, our workforce infuses a stable and productive momentum to the Company.

Note 1: 9 employees of Cotton Field Organic Farm, our subsidiary, is not included in the report and the same as the statistics in this chapter. In Cotton Field Organic Farm, 9 of the employees are all full time, not temporary, part-time or contract.


Gender Equality

Oneness Biotech highly value gender equality and diversity in our workforce and employees' career development. Our efforts align with “SDG 5”. We consider gender diversity for management candidates. When recruiting, cultivating or retaining employees, we treat everyone equally regardless of gender identification. Females account for 53% of senior positions (the managementposition2 levels below general manager), and account for 73% of middle/other management positions (the managementposition3 levels below general manager). The ratio of male to female managers is 42:58. We implement measures to achieve gender equality and provide a stable working environment and protection of all employees' rights.


A Benchmark of the Biotech Industry – Recognized in 2022 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index

Oneness Biotech is the only biotech company included in 2022 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI). We have cultivated a friendly workplace and implemented measures to support gender equality. Females accounted for 43% of the Board of Directors, 57% of management level, and 62.5% of promoted employees in 2021. We do better than the competitors in the industry in terms of the percentage of female to total workforce and the percentage of female to total promoted employees.。

Employee Structure


※The above content is taken from the ESG Report




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