Talent Development and Cultivation

Oneness Biotech actively invests resources in talent cultivation and builds a “learning organization” to enhance professionalism and general ESG functions. In order to enable new employees to quickly understand the company culture and integrate into the team, Oneness Biotech has developed a mentor program to assist new employees through diverse approaches by the cooperation between the mentor and the unit supervisor. The following are the results of our employee career development plans and learning activities:


2021 Education and Training 

Reference: page 198, 2021 Onenessbio Annual Report.


Employee Training over the years (average hour)

Note: The position of supervisor is defined as the supervisor above the manager level of each department. R&D employees are defined as R&D center personnel.


Performance Evaluation System

We respect professionalism and care about the career development of each employee. With corporate culture as the core, we provide diversified development and learning channels so that employees can perform their professionalism and feel accomplished. Open and transparent performance management system (target management and functional management) assist employees in formulating the direction of learning and the development of career.


New employee education and training + mentor program:

After the orientation, the mentor and the unit supervisor will provide timely feedback and assistance in line with employees’ performance and conduct a three-month probation.

Performance management:

Two appraisals are carried out in accordance with the Performance Management Measures every year with 70% based on the key performance index (KPI) and 30% based on general competency. The results are used as the basis for promotion, salary adjustments, and various bonus or incentives.

Performance evaluation mechanism:

The KPI are established through performance review, and constructive feedbackis offered throughout the process.


Probation for New Employees Performance Evaluation


Objectively evaluate the performance and suitability of new employees

Implementation Status

The evaluation pass rate is 100%. (The retention rate of new employees is 81%)

Target Group

Employees under probation


To achieve company goals and enhance performance, objectively and fairly evaluate the performance of employee


Implementation Status

100% participation

Target Group

All employees


Compensation and Benefits

The compensation is based on employee's job scope and duties and does not differ due to the employee's gender. In 2021, as for non-management level employees, the difference between male and female compensation was less than 2%.Female management level employees have higher compensation than male. The company shares operating results and profits with employees. In 2021, both the annual average and annual median salary of full-time employees in non-management positions have increased significantly.


Remuneration Ratio by Gender and Position in 2021
(Including Monthly Salary and Bonus)

Note: based on monthly salary and bonus

Remuneration Ratio by Gender in 2021
(Male to Female)


Salary Information for Full-time Employees Who Are Not in Supervisory Positions (NTD thousand)


Employee Benefits

Cash Benefits Provide year-end bonus, performance bonus, project bonus, Dragon Boat Festival cash gift, Mid-Autumn Festival cash gift, birthday and birthday party cash gift, weddings, funerals, and various cash subsidies, and children's education subsidy (0-18 years old, NT$2,000 subsidy per month).
Employee Stock Option Plan Oneness Biotech provides employee stock option certificate plans.Till now, 10 employee stock option certificate plans have been issued. The details are disclosed in Oneness Biotech's Annual Report (Refer to 2021 Annual Report). There were 104 employees at the time of the latest employee stock option certificate issuance, 74% of them have received the certificate at least once.
Flexible Working Hours Provide some employees with flexible working hours, and provide leave benefits superior to the Labor Standards Act.
Networking Events Department meals, weekly club activities (basketball club, aerobic dance club, etc.), annual employee travel, Christmas and year-end activities, set up a comfortable rest area for employees, so that employees have a dedicated space to take a break from the tight pace of work and promote communication and exchanges
between teams
Overall Staff Care Setting up breastfeeding rooms, providing stress relief massage services, regular employee health checkups, employee restaurants providing free organic healthy meals, parking spaces or parking subsidies, monthly employee purchase discounts, and dedicated spaces providing free organic coffee, milk, snacks, and health foods.
Learning Improvement We regularly purchase different themes of new books and magazines and offer NT$10,000 external training grants to every employee each year for advanced development and life-long learning.
Parental Leave Without Pay When an employee needs to take maternity or paternity leave, in order to take care of work and family, he/she can apply for parental leave without pay, and apply for reinstatement after the expiration of the period.
Insurance and
Retirement Policy
In addition to labor insurance and health insurance, employee group insurance and employee travel insurance are provided to improve the job security of employees. In terms of retirement protection, Labor Retirement Measures is formulated in accordance with the law, and a Supervisory Committee of Labor Retirement Reserve has been established. The previous system regularly allocated 2% of the total salary as retirement reserves deposited in a specific bank account at Bank of Taiwan every month to protect labor rights. The new system allocates 6% of the total salaries of employees to the employee's individual retirement pension account.


Employee Professional Development

To encourage the professional development of employees, Oneness Biotech has established On-The-Job Training Management Procedures to fully subsidize employees to obtain professional certificates. The total cost of certifications is covered by the Company. For example, at Oneness Biotech's Nanchou Plant, we have subsidized employees to earn 16 professional certificates in 2021 as described below:

Certificate Number of Cases in 2021
Organic Solvent Safety 2
Specific Chemical Safety Supervisor 1
Hypoxic Operations 2
Forklift Operation 3
EMDS on-the-job Training 1
Level A of Occupational Safety and Health Affair Managers 1
Level 1 Technician for Operating Pressure Container 2
Emergency Response of Toxic Substances - General 2
Fixed Hoist Operator 1
Hanging Works (Director) 1

※The above content is taken from the ESG Report




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