Healthy and Safe Working Environment

Build a Safe Workplace

Oneness Biotech maintains strict standards for workplace safety, formulates “Occupational Health and Safety Plan”, establishes the workplace safety management system, and creates a safe workplace. No occupational accidents have occurred from 2018 to 2021. The Company identifies, evaluates, and manages hazards in workplace to reduce potential threats while generating teaching materials with reference to common occupational accidents to educate our employees and to strengthen their safety awareness in order to prevent accidents.


Moreover and ahead of the law requirement, Oneness Biotech's Nanchou Plant implemented ISO45001:2018 at the end of 2020 and was certified by third-party in September 2021. We will continue to exercise vigilance and promote a safe, healthy, and sustainable work environment so as to demonstrate our social responsibility.

The calculation is as follows:

  • LTIFR = (number of cases of occupational injury/total working hours) × 106.
  • DIFR = (Total number of disabling injuries / Total working hours) × 106.
  • DISR = (Total number of lost days of disabling injuries / Total working hours) × 106.
  • ODR = (number of cases of occupational disease identified in the year of interest/total working hours) × 106.
  • Ratio of death caused by occupational injury = (number of deaths caused by occupational injury/total working hours)× 106.
  • Ratio of severe occupational injury = (number of cases of severe occupational injury (minus the number of deaths)/total working hours) × 106.
  • Ratio of recordable occupational injury = (number of cases of recordable occupational injury/ total working hours) × 106.

Provide Healthy Working Environment

Oneness Biotech actively implements a smoke-free policy in the workplace to build a healthy working environment and improve productivity of employees. In 2020, the Company was awarded the Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.


Oneness Biotech promoted the occupational safety and health-related measures in 2021, including working environment hazard identification and risk assessment, the establishment of an “Occupational Disaster Prevention Database,” the promotion of the “Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace-Oneness Biotech New Life Movement,” and etc., to strengthen the management mechanism of occupational safety. In order to promote healthier lifestyles, Oneness Biotech also offers fund subsidies to employees' clubs.

Advocate Healthier Lifestyle Encourage to take the stairs more often and engage in more physical activities. Employees in the Nanchou Plant have also organized activities to beautify the stairs to encourage employees to use them more often.
Regular Health Check-Ups Conduct annual health check-ups for employees, and provide physician-recommended dietary advice.
Healthy Diet Set up staff restaurants, provide meals with low oil, low salt, and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Take into account taste and balanced nutrition.

Occupational Safety and Health Training

Oneness Biotech actively creates a “safety first” working environment, regularly organizes occupational safety and health related education and training every year, and invites occupational safety and health consultants to serve as lecturers. The course features topics such as work safety, emergency response, machinery operation, health lectures and occupational disease promotion. It is aimed at enhancing the employee awareness towards occupational safety, hygiene and health. Contractors and dispatched workers must be warned of potential hazards and receive safety-related education and training before entering the factory, in order to ensure their and the related personnel’s operational safety.


The personnel responsible for environmental protection, occupational safety, fire protection, and machinery operation in Nanchou Plant are all equipped with relevant professional licenses. They are required to attend training provided by external institutions regularly. In 2021, occupational safety education and training reached 377 person-times.

Anti-COVID-19 Measures During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Oneness Biotech has created instant messaging internal communication groups named “Epidemic Response” and “Epidemic Commander Group” to ensure immediate and widespread communication to employees. We address new situations promptly and organize response meetings every week while complying with the instructions of Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) to formulate precautionary measures and response plans. We also care for our employees’ physical and psychological health and make every endeavor to create a safe and secure working environment.


Measures and Plan

  • The employees take turns to come to the office based on the schedule of A and B groups while some work from home.
  • A flexible working schedule is applicable to all employees to choose to come to the office during 7:00~09:30 to avoid rush hour.
  • All interviews are conducted over online meetings to reduce physical contact with outside visitors.
  • A minimum of 8,000 masks are provided every month to all employees for free, as well as safety goggles and sanitizer.
  • Both the daily health report mechanism and employee groups are built so that employees can report in the group immediately if necessary.
  • Free test kits and PCR test are available.
  • Comply with the rules and provide disease prevention childcare leaves.
  • Hand sanitizers are available at every entrance of the building and in the meeting rooms.
  • Sanitize the whole office area twice per week.


※The above content is taken from the ESG Report




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