Healthy and Safe Working Environment

Providing a healthy and safe working environment is our basic commitment to employees. The Company has established the "Occupational Health and Safety Program" to systematically promote occupational health and safety management measures in accordance with the PDCA spirit of occupational safety management system. Oneness’ Nanchou Plant was certified by qualified third-party and obtained the ISO45001:2018 certificate in September 2021.


As we strictly comply with laws and regulations, there were no major violations or occupational accidents from 2018 to 2022.


To effectively prevent occupational accidents, a safety and health management unit has been set up at the Nanchou Plant. Professionals are responsible for planning, promoting, supervising, and reviewing safety and health management activities. The Company also implements emergency response drills, intensified education and training, and implementation audits. Occupational health and safety objects are also set up, and regularly traced for the management status in order to reduce the risk of workplace hazards.


Occupational Accident Management

To ensure that the relevant units can respond quickly in the event of an occupational accident, Oneness Biotech has established the "Occupational Hazard Investigation Management Procedures". These Procedures set forth that whenever an occupational accident occurs, the first aid, notification, investigation, and improvement measures that should be taken, with improvement measures proposed according to the root cause of the accident.


Statistics of Occupational Accidents and Occupational Safety and Health Management Results (Including Employee and contractors)

The calculation is as follows:

  • LTIFR: (Number of work injuries/total hours worked) × 106; (Number of lost-time injuries)/(Total hours worked in accounting period) × 106
  • FR = (Total number of disabling injuries / Total hours worked) × 106
  • SR = (Total number of lost days of disabling injuries / Total hours worked) × 106
  • ODR = (Total number of occupational diseases / Total number of hours worked by all employees) × 200,000


Occupational Safety and Hygiene Training

Occupational health and safety-related education and training are held every year. Occupational health and safety consultants are invited to serve as instructors. The course contents include: work safety, emergency responses, machine operation, health seminars, and occupational disease promotion, etc. In addition, the personnel in charge of environmental protection, occupational safety, fire prevention, and machine operation at the Nanchou Plant have all obtained professional licenses and are regularly trained by external institutions.


In addition, in order to strengthen the safety management of contractors entering the factory, they are required to comply with the occupational health and safety laws and regulations and the regulations of Oneness Biotech. Prior to entering the factory, contractors must undergo necessary occupational health and safety training.


In 2022, occupational safety education and training at the Nanchou Plant reached 347 person-times.

Measures to Strengthen Employee Health 

Oneness Biotech actively implements a smoke-free policy in the workplace to build a healthy working environment and improve productivity of employees.

Oneness Biotech promoted the occupational safety and health-related measures in 2022, including working environment hazard identification and risk assessment, the establishment of an “Occupational Disaster Prevention Database,” the promotion of the “Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace-Oneness Biotech New Life Movement,” and etc., to strengthen the management mechanism of occupational safety. In order to promote healthier lifestyles, Oneness Biotech also offers fund subsidies to employees’ clubs.

In 2022, Oneness’ Nanchou Plant actively implemented the "Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion Model" established by the World Health Organization (WHO), emphasizing that "enterprise/organization leadership commitment" and "employee participation" shall be the core value of the plan. We also hope to assist the workplace to promote health promotion, provide comprehensive personal health resources, comprehensively assess and improve the physical and social psychological working environment, implement corporate social responsibility, and work together to create a healthy workplace working environment. On this basis, Oneness Biotech was awarded Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2022.

Nanchou Plant also improves employees' autonomous first aid skills through CPR training and installs AEDs to provide a safe workplace environment. In 2022, it passed the "Safe Place" certification of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, demonstrating the intention of a safe environment.

Oneness New Life Movement

Advocate Healthier Lifestyle Encourage to take the stairs more often and engage in more physical activities. Employees in the Nanchou Plant have also organized activities to beautify the stairs to encourage employees to use them more often.
Regular Health Check-Ups Conduct annual health check-ups for employees, and provide physician-recommended dietary advice.
Healthy Diet Set up staff restaurants, provide meals with low oil, low salt, and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Take into account taste and balanced nutrition.


In 2022, the Nanchou Plant was award the dual certification of Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.



※The above content is taken from the ESG Report




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