Risk Management

Oneness Biotech established a “Risk Management Committee” and a “Risk Management Task Force” in 2020 to manage the various risks that may be faced by the management, and developed an operation strategy as well as organizational culture emphasis on risk management. The Company has formulated “Risk Management Policies and Procedures.” As the highest unit of the risk management system, the Board of Directors is responsible for approving, reviewing, and supervising the company’s risk management policies to ensure its effectiveness. The Risk Management Task Force regularly reports to the Committee, which supervises the performance of risk management, and reports to the Board of Directors on the operation of risk management.


Risk Management Procedure



Implementing Risk Culture

Oneness Biotech has incorporated risk criteria into the product R&D process, and take legal requirements and risk impacts into consideration when making future business plans and development strategies. Moreover, solutions to the identified risks are discussed, with detailed action plans and targets.


※The above content is taken from the ESG Report




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