Animal Center

An Contract Research Organization for animal study with experienced technicians
Just, scientific and professional pre-clinical pharmacology services


ISO 17025 testing laboratory certification


Fully accredited by AAALAC International

90 %

More than 90% of technicians have master's degree or above, and a mean of 10-year experience.

50 models

More than 50 pharmacological animal models have been set up.

10 cases

Development experience for more than 10 drugs. Pre-clinical pharmacology studies were accepted by FDA, NMPA and TFDA.

About us

The animal center is located on the 18th floor of Building F, Nangang Software Industrial Park. Animals were kept in a high-quality specific pathogen-free (SPF) facilities. Our staff members including one resident veterinarian have an average of 10 years of experience in animal research.
We provide services with high compatibility : customized and novel animal disease models, pre-clinical pharmacology animal study and toxicology evaluation for different kinds of new drugs.
Our purpose is "Honest, Excellent technology, Quick service with reliable quality, and Consistent progression".

  • Fully accredited by AAALAC International from 2016 to now.
  • ISO 17025 testing laboratory certification from the National Accreditation Foundation (TAF) from 2014 to now.

With high-quality animal housing facility management, credited animal welfare maintenance, quality control and assurance, and professional testing ability, accurate and reliable research data will be provided to our clients.

Facility and Equipments

Immunodeficiency mice

Housing: Mice

Surgical Room

Culture Room

Preclinical Toxicology Consultation

Housing: Rat


Inhaled Anesthesia

Aerosol Drug Delivery

Certification Counseling

Animal Models and Customized Services

Subcutaneous xenograft

Orthotopic xenograft

Hindlmb paralysis

Metastatic tumor model

Psoriasis model

Atopic dermatitis model

Wound Healing

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hematology (CBC)


Contact us

ADD: 18F, No. 3, Park St., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Hung-Wen Chou, Facility Manager

02-2655-8098 ext.617

Szu-Yao Kuo, Technical Manager

02-2655-8098 ext.610



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