Corporate Governance Supervisor Appointment

Appointment Status

On September 30, 2020, the board of directors approved the deputy general manager of the Finance Department Mrs. Cheng, Chih-Hui as the head of corporate governance, responsible for corporate governance-related matters, to protect shareholders’ rights and strengthen the function of the board of directors. Mrs. Cheng, Chih-Hui has served as the head of finance department of public-listing company for more than three years, which fulfill the qualification requirement per “Taipei Exchange Directions for Compliance Requirements for the Appointment and Exercise of Powers of the Boards of Directors of TPEx Listed Companies”.


Right and Responsibility

  1. Handle the matters relating to board meetings and shareholders meetings in accordance with law.
  2. Prepare the minutes of board meetings and shareholders meetings.
  3. Assist directors to take office and participate in the continuing education.
  4. Provide information required for the performance of duties by the directors.
  5. Assist directors in complying with laws and regulations.
  6. Other matters stipulated in the Company's Articles of Association or by contract, etc.


2021 Operation Status

  1. Responsible for handling matters related to the meetings of the board of directors and shareholders meetings, and preparing minutes of the board of directors meetings and shareholders meetings.
  2. Arrange education and training for directors. In 2021, training such as “Insider equity of companies listed on the over-the-counter market and on the emerging stock market”, “2021 TPEx-listed companies Sustainability Forum”, “Corporate Governance Forum”, and other related trainings are arranged for directors.
  3. Assist directors to perform their duties and provide required information.
  4. Assist directors to comply with laws and regulations. If there are new or revised laws and regulations related to corporate governance, members of the board of directors will be notified from time to time.


2021 Education and Training Status

The head of corporate governance was first appointed on September 30, 2020, and has completed the 18 hours of training within first year from the date of appointment, in accordance with the “Taipei Exchange Directions for Compliance Requirements for the Appointment and Exercise of Powers of the Boards of Directors of TPEx Listed Companies.” Besides, the annual training requirement of 12 hours is also completed for Year 2021.



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