Nanchou Plant


The Nanchou Plant is located in the south of Taiwan with a space of 80,000 m2 and is a PIC/s GMP certified facility by the Taiwan FDA for the manufacture of the drug stance and the drug product.

PIC/s GMP Manufacturing Site

The manufacturing has been established on the basis of the sustainable, environmentally-friendly core value. The plant has been ISO 14000 certified in 2021. In addition, the Nanchou plant follows the international PIC/S GMP standard. The respective GMP certificates of the drug substance and the drug product and the GDP certificate were granted in 2020 and 2021. The Nanchou plant is also the production site for Fespixon® cream, the new drug for diabetic foot ulcers. With API and finished product manufacturing capacity as well as the raw material cultivation in compliance with GACP, this plant implemented a streamlined quality control of production from the raw materials, APIs, to the finished product.


More Information of PIC/s GMP Manufacturing Site

Medicinal Herbs Cultivation

The Plectranthus amboinicus plant cultivated in accordance with good agriculture and collection practice following the US FDA’s “Botanical Drug Development - Guidance for Industry”. This practice is implemented to ensure the quality consistency of the raw material. From the identification of the plant gene, preservation, seeding, harvesting, etc, all the procedure is under strict control. We have had more than 12 years experience in GACP.


More Information of Medicinal Herbs Cultivation




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