FESPIXON® received International Innovation Awards from Enterprise Asia

Oneness Biotech’s new drug, FESPIXON® cream received International Innovation Awards from Enterprise Asia for its innovation excellence in treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.


The diabetic foot ulcer new drug of Oneness Biotech, Fespixon® (research code: ON101) received the International Innovation Awards from Enterprise Asia on Dec 17th 2022 for its innovation and contribution to human health and well-being.


Enterprise Asia is the largest non-governmental organization (NGO), participated by the political and business leaders in Asia, in pursuit of entrepreneurship and sustainable development across the region. "International Innovation Awards" recognition has been held since 2017 to promote companies and brands with excellence in three major categories: "organization and corporate culture", "product innovations" and "service and solution". It is the most high-profile award which encourages enterprise to innovate and recognize corporates and organization with outstanding innovations.  


Dr. Shyi-Gen Chen, Vice President of Oneness Biotech, who received the award on behalf of the company, said: "Fespixon® is the global novel macrophage-regulating drug with significant efficacy in the multinational phase III clinical trial. The post-market data in treating patients with hard-to-heal risk factors, including dialysis, Wagner grade 3 and even Wagner grade 4 diabetic foot ulcers under a very high risk of amputation, all demonstrated very good efficacy. It is really a breakthrough treatment for diabetic foot ulcer of which there has been a lack of effective drugs for a long time. This award represents the international acknowledgement on the innovation and efforts of Oneness Biotech.


Fespixon® has been approved and launched in Taiwan in 2021. Currently, it is under review for marketing authorization in mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and submission will also be made in Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, and the 7 member states of the GCC subsequently. It has also been granted the fast track designation by the US FDA. Fespixon® has been demonstrated with very significant efficacy in treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.









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