Atopic Dermatitis, Allergic Asthma, HIES* (Hyper IgE Syndrome)

Mechanism of Action

FB825, a new generation of the therapeutic monoclonal antibody (humanized; IgG1) for allergic disease, specifically binds to the CεmX membrane-bound IgE B cells and induces targeted cells undergoing apoptosis and ADCC. It kills the IgE+ lymphocytes directly to prevent IgE-plasma cell differentiation and reduce IgE production. FB825 has both therapeutic and preventive effects in allergic diseases

Current Status
  1. Worldwide license agreement with LEO Pharma A/S
  2. Complete of Phase IIa trial in AD initiated in the US
  3. Phase IIa trial in allergic asthma initiated in Taiwan

FB825 completed the phase I clinical study in the US with confirmed safety results in healthy subjects. FB825’s first-in-patient exploratory study in Atopic Dermatitis has shown very promising data by achieving 67% in EASI-75 in 16 weeks, comparable to the only available biologic for AD

Market Potential

Atopic dermatitis (AD) – also known as ‘atopic eczema’ – is a chronic, inflammatory, heterogeneous skin disease characterized by intense itch and eczematous lesions. AD is the most common inflammatory skin disease in the developed world, affecting up to 5% of adults across the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. According market analysis reports (Allied Market Research & Coherent Market Insights), the market size of atopic dermatitis and allergic asthma will reach 38 billion USD globally.
Note: FB825 was granted orphan drug designation by the US FDA for treatment of Hyper IgE Syndrome (HIES).

R&D Progress
In Progress
Research Code Therapeutic Area Indication Pre-Clinical Phase I Phase II Phase III NDA Market More
  • FB825
    Atopic Dermatitis
    Allergic Asthma

    FB825 is a first-in-class antibody targeting IgE B cells for the treatment of allergic diseases. It specifically binds to the CεmX domain on the membrane-bound IgE B cells and induces the apoptosis and ADCC of the targeted cells



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