IgE-related allergic diseases such as atopic dermatitis, allergic asthma, hyper-IgE syndrome , and food allergies

Mechanism of Action

Treats and prevents allergic diseases by inhibiting the B lymphocytes, which express IgE

Current Status
  1. Completed a phase 1 clinical trial in the US
  2. Completed a phase 2a clinical trial atopic dermatitis  in the US
  3. A phase 2a clinical trial in allergic asthma in Taiwan is ongoing
Product Advantages
  1. Uniqueness: Has a novel drug target and mechanism by inhibiting the source of IgE, i.e., the IgE B cells.
  2. Safety: Has a specific pharmacological mechanism and limited side effects.
  3. Extensive use: Has a wide range of indications and is applicable to more allergy and asthma patients than its existing counterparts.
  4. Economy: FB825 has excellent pharmacokinetic properties with a long half-life. An administration frequency of once every 2-3 months is anticipated. The long-acting advantage provides great convenience to patients and helps reduce medical costs.
Market Potentials

According to analysis reports by Allied Market Research and Coherent Market Insights, the global market size of atopic dermatitis/asthma treatment will reach USD 38 billion in 2027.

R&D Progress
In Progress
Research Code Therapeutic Area Indication Pre-Clinical Phase I Phase II Phase III NDA Market More
  • FB825
    Atopic Dermatitis
    Allergic Asthma

    FB825 is a first-in-class antibody targeting IgE B cells for the treatment of allergic diseases. It specifically binds to the CεmX domain on the membrane-bound IgE B cells and induces the apoptosis and ADCC of the targeted cells



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