Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Internal audit has been established as an independent department that reports directly to the Board of Directors. Specialized personnel for internal auditing will be arranged and adjusted according to the company size, business or management requirement and the regulations.


Purpose of Internal Audit

The audit work is executed according to the internal audit system and plan approved by the Board of Directors. Internal Audit shall provide the management level with update on the operation of internal controls and with advice to assure the design and functioning of control system are valid.


Scope of Internal Audit

All of the internal controls within the company


Duty of Internal Audit

  1. The internal audit shall be carried out thoroughly and professionally based on independency, integrity and objectiveness.
  2. Routine report to audit committee with regards to audit work. The audit supervisor shall attend to report the Board Meeting.
  3. Upon noticing material violation or damage to the company, the audit department shall report in a timely manner and notify the independent Board Directors in the audit committee.
  4. Continuous learning and participating in the workshops for internal audit held by designated organization by Securities and Futures Bureau of Financial Supervisory Commission.


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