Medicinal Herbs Cultivation

GACP Practice

In order to produce medicinal herbs with consistent quality, Oneness Biotech has established "Good Agricultural and Collection Practices" for control of botanical raw material and established a manufacturing plant under PIC/S GMP standard.


Cultivation Platform

The implementation of cultivation platform improves plant productivity and contribute to greater yields with improved quality. It includes seeding preparation, sowing and plant maintenance, harvest, drying, storage and marketing. Among those steps, fertilization, pest management, irrigation are critical factors that affect the final crop yield and quality. Thus, agricultural practices are well-controlled, such as identification of species, limits of heavy metals for soil, irrigation water and use of pesticides.


Qualification Control Platform

The control of plant species is based on plant taxonomy. The identification is conducted using HPLC/TLC fingerprint, microscopy, powder microscopy and DNA sequencing to ensure the consistency of the active ingredients in each batch of the plant. To prevent denature of the ingredients, the fresh plant is dried immediately after harvesting. The dried herb is stored in temperature/ humility controlled warehouse.


Environmentally Friendly

Oneness Biotech supports the eco-friendly concept by cooperating with the farmers who are willing to follow pesticide free cultivation practice. It is our belief that only sustainable environment will bring a better quality of plants, and thus give safe and effective drug products.









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